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Shore Excursions

The new port of SANTORiNI is situated near the main town,but as it is too small for cruise ships ,they anchor near the cliffs and  tender boats will take you ashore in the old port called SKALA !From there you have different options to get on the top of the cliffside ,at the  capital of the island , called FIRA: on foot ,but there are too many steps, by donkey that will cost you 7 euros approximately or by cable car which is the easiest way and it will cost 5 euros per person.The cable car ride is really short, as it takes only 3’ and it will bring you at the exit of the station, on the top of the cliffs ,at the heart of FIRA town where i could meet you for getting around.

    Let me know your preferences,such as archeology,history,architecture,culinary experience and wine tasting and let me design an excursion tailored perfectly to your tastes!!!


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