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    Santorini is unique,because of the variety of the volcanic rocks,the alternation of their colours and because it is probably the only volcano in the world with its caldera in the sea!!!Twelve huge explosions occurred,one every 20.000years,the volcano however managed to recreate itself over and over again!

    The last explosion occurred 3.600 years ago,during the Minoan age and ash ,pumice and lava stones covered the island!The magnitude of this eruption surpasses by far any volcanic activity of the last 10.000 years in the entire world.

In 1866 the use of the volcanic land for insulation by a French engineer led to the discovery of a prehistoric settlement that later on, in 1967 ,  has been systematically excavated on behalf of the professor Spiros Marinatos. Thanks  to the efforts of the present day archeologist, professor Christos Doumas,it is now easier for us to outline the history of the prehistoric settlement named AKROTIRI. Established already in 5000BC in a strategic location ,AKROTIRI  became a cosmopolitan harbour later on with a significant role in the transportation of commodities in the mediterranean sea during the first centuries of 2000 BC.Despite the cataclysmic explosion of the late 1700 BC(~1615BC) unique works of art were saved in the ruins and ironically thanks to this explosion a four thousand year old unique civilisation was preserved.

    This ARCHEOLOGICAL TOUR will help you to witness the history of  this consumer society of seamen, who were living in multi storey buildings , decorated with wall paintings and excellent pottery.AKROTIRI is the leading archeological site on the island ,a must see  but it can only be completed with the visit of the Prehistoric Museum, located at the capital, which is the extension of it,since it houses artefacts ,paintings and movable finds recovered from the site.


Duration : 3 hrs

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