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Santorini is perhaps one of the best known volcanoes in the Mediterranean.Its unique beauty is based on its geological history. A cataclysmic volcanic eruption that ravaged Santorini 3.600 of years ago ,created one of the most dramatic lands and seascapes in the  Greek Aegean sea. The stunning cliff side on the west coast and the mystic caldera ,the water filled crater in the middle,make Santorini unique.

But which are the ‘’hot points’’ of Santorini?There is so much to discover …

Picturesque alleys, churches ,cubic houses and  wonderful mansions are only a few of the reasons that make Santorini a sensational destination. - Licensed santorini tour guide

Shore Excursions

The new port of SANTORiNI is situated near the main town,but as it is too small for cruise ships ,they [...]

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Visit the amazing  site of Ancient Akrotiri known as the greek ‘’Pompeï’’, that reached its peak 3.700 years ago. Explore this [...]

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Tailor made

EVERY TOUR CAN BE PERFECTLY  TAILORED  TO YOUR TASTES!!!My aim is for you to have a great time ! Let [...]

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Your Santorini guide - Our profile - Licensed santorini tour guide

My name is Chara Abelioti, and I am a licensed tourist guide for Greece. I have been living in Santorini for the last 16 years, previously working in Athens as a professional guide.   After completing my greek studies in the National University of Athens, I graduated  the National Tourist Guide Academy in Athens ,in 1990 , the only one that provides knowledge and license to work as an official guide in Greece. As I have been working as a tourist guide in [...] Read More

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